“I was 32 weeks pregnant with my second baby when I met Dr. Bardett Fausett. Everything had been normal in my pregnancy with the exception of my placenta being anterior until we had a 3d ultrasound where it was discovered that something was wrong. I was told I had polyhydrops, which is too much fluid in my stomach, and that I would need to leave Great Falls and head to Missoula to get checked in to the hospital.

Once in Missoula on full monitoring, we got to meet Dr. Fausett. The second we met him we immediately felt at ease. He was very calm and confident and he gave us his full attention. He diagnosed our baby with Fetal Anemia, Fetal Ascites, and Minor Pericardial Effusion.

The first step was to do a blood transfusion in utero. Once that was done we waited two more days to ensure that the baby’s blood looked good again and then came time to get the ascites (fluid) out of the baby’s belly. Dr. Fausett performed this procedure by going through my belly into the baby’s. He removed 4-6 ounces of fluid out of my baby’s stomach. Doing this eased some of the pressure on my baby’s heart.

Following this procedure I was allowed to leave the hospital to live in a hotel in Missoula and go to Dr. Fausett’s office daily for tests and ultrasounds. Dr. Fausett and his staff were amazing, always making us and our 2 year old feel at ease and so confident in their care. When we had questions he answered them honestly. He also filled us in on his concerns and what he was doing in the background to find out how our baby got sick and all that was going on with her.

We spent 6 weeks going in for tests and monitoring, sometimes spending 3-4 hours at his office knowing he was doing everything he could for our baby. There were times Dr. Fausett even met us at the hospital on weekends for tests and ultrasounds. Every test that was sent out came back negative, he consulted with his colleagues and experts from all over, and he even had Tennison’s DNA grown and genetics tested from the blood samples he had taken during the transfusion. He NEVER stopped pursuing the answer.

At 38 weeks the decision came that it was the best time to deliver our girl. He did another procedure to remove all the fluid he could from her belly and I was able to deliver Tennison safely and naturally. We were able to hold her for about a minute, at the insistence of Dr. Fausett, and then she was swooped off to the NICU for more monitoring and tests. Dr. Fausett saved my sweet Tennison Joy’s life and he never took credit for it; he gave all the credit to the Lord.

When I think back on all that happened and all the unknowns we went through, I think “wow, why wasn’t I more scared and fearful?” The answer is simply that Dr. Fausett and his staff always made us feel calm and confident. They made us feel like we were the only patients that he had. We were so blessed to be able to have Dr. Fausett and his staff care for us. He still keeps in touch with us and is so genuine, humble and sweet. As I type this it feels like yesterday and I have so many emotions but my biggest emotion is love for him, he saved my girl and made our family complete.”


Tennison just after birth.


Lisa and John bring Tennison and her big brother to visit Dr Fausett when she's a couple of years old.