“As our pregnancy journey has come to an end, I can’t even begin to thank God enough for blessing our family with this amazing man.

From my very first pregnancy, to our biggest nightmare of losing a child, to having a beautiful miracle, Dr. Fausett has not only been my doctor, but he has become my very best friend. There were many late night calls that he never ignored, nights of sitting in a hospital room eating chocolate and doing puzzles just to make me feel better, and many days of tears.

This man has not only given me perfect care, but he has given me my family. Without him and Dr. Holbrook I wouldn’t have my sweet miracle baby. We never thought we would be able to have another baby after losing one, but with their expertise we now have Kya.

Dr. Fausett is a true blessing. We love him.”


Haley bringing Dr Fausett this photo when Kya was 14 months old.