About Us 


Our Mission

“Nurturing Life with Light”
To nurture means to: make, serve, support, sustain, elevate, strengthen and grow. With Light means with warmth, kindness, knowledge, respect, excellence, and with true understanding.

Origin Health believes in nurturing life with light through thoughtful consultation with providers and quality care to mothers from preconception counseling through ultrasounds, and comprehensive maternal-fetal counseling and services, through birth and postpartum care, thus creating lifelong beneficial consequences for individuals, families, and society.

Our recognition of how critical good beginnings — our very origins — are to lifelong health and happiness motivates us to use our knowledge, experience, advanced training, and compassion in helping women and babies achieve optimal outcomes during pregnancy and birth.

Origin Health believes in nurturing life with light by strengthening the health and resilience of women, thus empowering them to nurture the life around them. Through this, our work is amplified and its impact limitless.

The sundog is an important image to Origin Health. A sundog, also called a parhelion in meteorology, is an atmospheric optical phenomenon that consists of a bright spot on one or both sides of the sun. Two “dogs” often flank the sun within a 22-degree halo. Sundogs are caused by the refraction of sunlight by ice crystals in the atmosphere.

During the time period when Dr. Fausett was pondering whether to go into private practice and create Origin Health or not, he saw a sundog. Looking at it through the eyes of an experienced Maternal Fetal Medicine physician, Dr. Fausett saw in it a symbol of birth, light, emergence, and new beginning. Thus, diamond-shaped sundog sun, a birth symbol, became part of the logo for Origin Health.