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We Provide Maternal Fetal Medicine Services|Pre-conceptional Counseling|Perinatal Services|Obstetric and Gynecologic Services.|Ultrasound imaging

MFM Physicians have received advanced training and have a special
interest in providing care for women with routine and complicated pregnancies.

We are maternal-fetal specialists with world class training and experience, located rurally and offering amazing resources and outstanding expertise.

Box Styles

Choose Your Custom Box Style.

This is where it all starts… Classic box packaging designs that never go out of style. Check out some of our popular choices!
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Tuck End

Tuck End

Tuck end boxes are the classic retail packaging box. They are versatile, quick to assemble, and display very well. The boxes can be designed in a straight or reverse tuck carton style, are easily customized with die cut windows, inside product partitions and inserts, hanging tabs and child resistant locks.



Custom printed sleeve packaging is a simple, economical way to package products. Used as a packaging sleeve on a corrugated box, or as a custom cardboard wrap around a product, printed packaging sleeves give an unobstructed view of the product.
roll end tuck front 05 1

Roll End Tuck

Roll End Tuck Front

Tuck top boxes are ideal when used as kit boxes, or when you want product contents easily seen and readily accessible. They make a great retail product box, and when used as a kit box custom die-cut box inserts can be added to keep product components separated.

tuck top auto lock bottom 05 1

Auto Lock Bottom

Auto Lock Bottom

A tuck top auto lock bottom box, also known as an auto bottom carton, is a heavy duty folding carton box with an automatic locking bottom. Just squeeze and box pops into shape with bottom already locked closed.
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Industry Styles

Time Tested Packaging Styles Inspired by Industry.

From Cosmetics to Food & Beverage and everything in between, find what product packaging works in your Industry.

Bath Body & Spa

Whether it’s body butters, face creams, soaps or salts, your packaging should convey subtle suggestions of a luxurious experience to come.


Whether it’s custom candle boxes, printed sleeves for jar and container candles, or simple paper candle lids, your printed package should highlight the fragrances within.


Appeal to the emotions and desires of your customers with high-end cosmetic packaging.

Food & Beverage

2.6 seconds – The average length of time a customer spends deciding whether to buy your product. Your packaging must stand out and make the case…quickly.

Medical & Pharmaceutical

Custom printed packaging for medical devices and components, rapid assay kits, vials, tubes, cassettes and everything in between.

Medical Marijuana

From edibles and oil concentrate to topical pain salves, tinctures, and vape accessories, chances are we have the cannabis packaging you need.


Creatively package and display your nutritional supplements, remedies and functional foods.


Whether you’re packaging soaps for retail or private labeling for hotels, our custom soap boxes and sleeves help you create a compelling story for your customers.

Educate Yourself

Custom Printed Box Packaging

At its most basic, product packaging is designed to contain your product. However, packaging represents so much more; it represents your company and brand to your target audience, it allows you to define your product the way you want your audience to perceive it, and it is critical to drawing attention to your product, which is the first step to successful sales.

Find out what goes into creating successful product packaging, and what makes packaging tick.

Boxing School

Your Product is a Knock-Out.
Your packaging should throw the first punch.

Digital Printing

Thinking Digital? Digitally printed boxes are a great low-volume, high-quality packaging solution.

About Us

Meet the team behind The Box Co-Op & read about our journey in creating this company.


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